Frequently asked questions

Ahh! Props. It wouldn’t be a photo booth without props. We’ve literally scoured the world over for hands-down the best props you can get. None of the cheesy stuff – it’s all style and class here. Having a themed event? Let us help you find some stuff that will really step things up a notch.

Change your look in seconds, lots of props are available, if you have special request. Moustaches, glasses, wigs, masks, … we will get these for you and your guests! Kids will love it! And you can, of course, bring your own props ;-).

Examples of small props

Examples of large props

Example of package XL

Example of package L

You have a special theme for your event? We can design your photo booth props for your party.

15 signs will be created and printed on a 1500 x 1000 mm plate and if you desire we can also cut them for you.

Digital layout design

Digital layout design

Signs finalized (Print & cut)

Don’t hesitate to ask for your special theme!

Our backdrops are big, bold and fun! We’ve created a range of backdrops that will look amazing at any party.

Available standard: black/white/gray and wood, stone and a party backdrop.

The size of the backdrop is 2,50×2,50m.









party silver


The Cliq-o-mat photo booth requires a 3 x 3 m space, a dedicated electrical outlet and an indoor location.

If you don’t choose a customize layout, our standard layouts will be installed on your photobox

Layout Stripes

Layout Guestbook

Layout Multilayout

Cliq-o-mat is great marketing tool for your business with a high visibility on social media channels. The branding of the Cliq-o-mat or a personalized logo/message on your image is possible. Ask for more details.

Business-Layout Example

Business-Layout Example

If we have an internet connection, our Cliq-o-mat will automatically upload to our website and share it using social media. If not, you can download it the next day.

We will have a private code for you to access all your photos.

  • Cliq-o-mat mini is a smaller box without a printer that can be pick up at our office
  • Cliq-o-mat Tower is our tallest photobox with a buzzer (10×15 prints)
  • Cliq-o-mat standard/classic is our main box with a printer with normal photo size (10×15)
  • Cliq-o-mat XXL offers you the possibility to print in 15×20 prints. Renting time for all packages is 01:00 AM.