Cliq-o-mat CG

Cliq-o-mat CG

Art. 1: The equipment:

The company CLIQO must provide the customer with a digital system for the

production of photos with self-triggering mechanisms (hereinafter the “Cliq-o-Mat” photo-cabin), consisting in particular of a computer, a CANON EOS 700D camera and a DNP DS620 printer, all in a “softcase” box.


Art. 2: Transfer of customer images:

The client receives 3 separate files containing the photos taken

during the event. One folder contains the printed photos, the second one with the original photos (without the frames) and the last one an optimized version “pimped” of the original photos. Transfer of final images (original, printed and “pimped”), -> at the latest one week after the event, by the software Wetransfer on the email of the following customer:

_____________________ @ _____________________

The links will be accessible for a month!


Art. 3: Rental period:

This rental agreement is granted for a period of _____hours / day (s) from ______________ and ends at _________ hrs legally valid and without formality.


Art. 3bis:

The location and installation of the cliq-o-mat:

An exact address with the information where the machine must be installed is essential. If necessary you can send photos of the location via  for opinion. The location must be arranged in advance by the customer. When there has been a rental of accessories (probs), it is necessary to provide an empty table.


Art. 4: Price:

In return, the customer undertakes to pay ______TTC. This amount must be paid in

advance either by bank transfer or in cash. (In the case of a bank transfer, a proof of payment may be required.) If the service is not paid the day after the s

ervice, the invoice must be paid within 10 days of the date of the service, net and without deduction.


Art. 5: Cancellation:

If, after the signing of this contract, the organizer cancels the agreed event within a period of more than 30 days, the service will be partially invoiced in the form of a lump sum equal to

25% of the total price. In the opposite case, in which the cancellation is communicated within 30 days or less, the agreed service will be charged in full to the organizer.


Art. 6: Necessary measures on the part of the organizer:

This area has the following criteria:

1)The site must have at least 9m2 for the photo booth and the background.

2)The place must be protected from the weather (rain and wind) or vandalism. Any damage or theft will be charged to the organizer.

3)A separate electrical connection with its own nearby circuit (<5m), which is used by any event participants (artists, musicians, DJs, catering, etc.) must be present. By changing the lighting conditions during the event, guaranteed constant image quality cannot be delivered, such as typical colored lights from DJs near the photo booth or windows used during the event or direct sunlight shining on the photo booth.

4)The floor should be level and thus allows a correct positioning of the photo booth.

5)When installing a manager is desired on site to sign the sheet “Hardware status” to admit the proper operation of the photo booth “cliq-o-mat” and to ensure access to the site to begin


6)The company Cliqo takes the right not to install the photo booth “cliq-o-mat” if the necessary measures are not respected.

Art. 7: General conditions:

The equipment is tested by the specialist in the presence of the customer on site, this means that the customer accepts the perfect condition. Regardless of the type of transport and / or installation, the customer is responsible for the equipment as soon as it leaves the owner. The customer who transports the device himself undertakes to do so under the best conditions. The customer is advised to insure the rented equipment (vandalism, natural disasters, damage to property and property) with his insurance company. All taxes, fees, royalties, permits, insurance, etc. are the responsibility of the customer. It is expected that the customer knows the operation and handling of the equipment so that he is responsible for any misuse. Customer agrees to be aware of all safety warnings, risks and precautions that must be observed in connection with the use of equipment leased by this Agreement.

The customer is not entitled to operate the device without the prior consent of the owner and / or to separate the elements of the Cliq-o-mat.


If the customer calls us for a malfunction of the machine and the professional finds that the cause is the mishandling / employment of the customer, the intervention of the restart will be charged € 70 / hr VAT + Road costs. Under no circumstances can the owner be held responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of his equipment if the customer has accepted the condition of the equipment by signing this contract.


Art. 8: Restitution:

The return of the material takes place at (address) _________________. Upon return, a specialist will check the device. Any defects, irregularities or excessive wear in relation to the

specified use found during this inspection are the responsibility of the customer. In the event of repair due to damage to the equipment, the customer must pay a deductible of 350 €HT (three hundred and fifty euros HTVA). The device to be repaired is invoiced by the specialist or other authorized company / person, which the customer has to pay. If the material can not be repaired or will not be returned within 1 week, it will be considered missing in the return shipment. Equipment missing or destined to be returned will be charged with a lump sum of



Art. 9: Installation with third parties:

If the customer organizes the event in a third party or organization’s foreign premises, they are responsible for accepting the installation and creation of photos from the photo booth. The customer is cautioned that the records of persons using our photo booth are subject to both copyright and privacy rights. The Cliqo team provides only the technical means and is in no way responsible for the image content under the legal aspects mentioned above.


Art. 10: Photos taken during the event:

The Cliqo team is also not responsible for illegal photographs taken with the photo booth (eg pornographic or offensive pictures, etc.). The customer is solely responsible for the fact that the use of the photo booth and the management of the recorded photos does not lead to an infringement and is fully responsible in case of a claim by third parties. Should a third party nevertheless be responsible for the alleged infringements, the customer is obliged to remedy

the resulting damage. (In particular, the cost of a necessary legal defense)


Art.11: Additional cartridge:

If the customer contacts us for the installation of a new cartridge, an additional fee of
70€/ hour + road costs and the cartridge price of 149 € will be charged.



Last name, First Name, Signature: _______________________


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